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Quaternary International is the official journal of the International Union for Quaternary Research. The objectives are to publish a high quality scientific journal under the auspices of the premier Quaternary association that reflects the interdisciplinary nature of INQUA and records recent advances in Quaternary science that appeal to a wide audience. This series will encompass all the full spectrum of the physical and natural sciences that are commonly employed in solving Quaternary problems. The policy is to publish peer refereed collected research papers from symposia, workshops and meetings sponsored by INQUA's Commission, Sub-Commission and working groups. In addition, other organizations may request publication of their collected works pertaining to the Quaternary. Potential Guest Editors who are interested in proposing a Thematic volume are kindly requested to contact the Editor-in-Chief, Professor Norm Catto, directly at the e-mail address Guest Editors will be appointed for each volume.For more information about INQUA see
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Earth and Planetary Sciences: Earth-Surface Processes
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12013Geoarchaeology: A toolbox of approaches applied in a multidisciplinary research disciplineHeyvaert, V.M.A. ; Diskin, S. ; Schütt, B. ; Kosmas Pavlopoulos 2.0
2Nov-2018Geomorphological changes in the coastal area of Farasan Al-Kabir Island (Saudi Arabia) since mid Holocene based on a multi-proxy approachPavlopoulos, K. ; Koukousioura, O. ; Triantaphyllou, M. ; Vandarakis, D. ; Marion de Procé, S. ; Chondraki, V. ; Fouache, E. ; Kapsimalis, V. 2.0
32012The impact of rapid early- to mid-Holocene palaeoenvironmental changes on Neolithic settlement at Nea Nikomideia, Thessaloniki Plain, GreeceHamidi, Fatiha ; Eric Fouache ; Delanghe-Sabatier, Doriane ; Ghilardi, Matthieu ; Cordier, Stéphane ; Psomiadis, David ; Paraschou, Theodoros ; Dotsika, Elissavet ; Demory, François 32.0
42012The Late Holocene evolution of the Black Sea – a critical view on the so-called Phanagorian regressionPorotov, Alexey ; Kelterbaum, Daniel ; Eric Fouache ; Brückner, Helmut ; Dikarev, Vassily ; Lericolais, Gilles 23.0
52013Palaeoenvironmental evolution and sea-level changes in the coastal area of NE Lemnos Island (Greece) during the HolocenePavlopoulos, K. ; Fouache, Eric ; Sidiropoulou, M. ; Triantaphyllou, M. ; Vouvalidis, K. ; Syrides, G. ; Gonnet, A. ; Greco, E. 15.0
62012Palaeoenvironmental evolution, sea-level changes and Human occupation in Lemnos Island during last 6000 years (North Aegean Sea, Greece)Eric Fouache ; Forman, Steven 
72012Reply to comment of Pirazzoli and EvelpidouEric Fouache ; Faivre, Sanja 1.0
82012Sedimentological response to Holocene climate events in the Istron area, Gulf of Mirabello, NE CreteZacharias, Nikos ; Theodorakopoulou, Katerina ; Kosmas Pavlopoulos ; Athanassas, Constantin ; Bassiakos, Yannis 9.0