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Eric Fouache is Professor of Physical Geography and Geoarchaeology at Sorbonne University and has been Vice Chancellor of Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi since 2012. His research is concerned with geoarchaeological, palaeoenvironmental and palaeogeographical issues in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Near and Middle East, and central Asia. Eric Fouache has published two books as single author and more than 100 scientific papers and book chapters, including more than 50 in international peer-reviewed journals. In 2000 and 2007, he received two awards from the French “Société de Géographie” in Paris for his books. In 2012, he was awarded ‘’Professeur Honoris Causa’’ from Bucharest University in Romania. In 2015, he was awarded the ‘’Chevalier dans l’ordre des Palmes académiques
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Scopus
1Oct-2016Dynamics of human settlements ensuing from river transformation and changes in commercial behaviour: The birth of the “North-eastern Silk Road”Rante, R. ; Fouache, E. ; Mirzaakhmedov, D. 0.0
2Aug-2015Early oleiculture or native wild Olea in eastern Maghreb: New pollen data from the sebkhalagoon Halk el Menjel (Hergla, Central Tunisia)Lebreton, V. ; Jaouadi, S. ; Mulazzani, S. ; Boujelben, A. ; Belhouchet, L. ; Gammar, A.M. ; Combourieu-Nebout, N. ; Saliège, J.-F. ; Karray, M.R. ; Fouache, E. 8.0
32015EditorialEric Fouache 0.0
4Oct-2016Evidence for early irrigation at Bat (Wadi Sharsah, northwestern Oman) before the advent of farming villagesWattez, Julia ; Desruelles, Stéphane ; Eddargach, Wassel ; Cable, Charlotte ; Fouache, Eric ; Beuzen-Waller, Tara ; Cammas, Cecilia ; Martin, Chloé ; Murray, Andrew ; Thornton, Christopher ; Tengberg, Margareta 10.0
52017Fluctuations climatiques et sociétés dans le sud-ouest des Bakkans depuis le Néolithique : pour une approche régionale de l'étude des interactionsFouache, Eric 
6Jul-2014Geoarchaeological survey in the Wādī al-Kabīr basin, Wilāyāt Ibrī, Oman: A preliminary report (poster)Kondo, Y. ; Beuzen-Waller, T. ; Miki, T. ; Noguchi, A. ; Desruelles, S. ; Fouache, E. 2.0
72016Geomorphological challenges and mapping of the Vouraikos basin North Peloponnesus, GreeceKosmas Pavlopoulos ; Eric Fouache 
8Nov-2018Geomorphological changes in the coastal area of Farasan Al-Kabir Island (Saudi Arabia) since mid Holocene based on a multi-proxy approachPavlopoulos, K. ; Koukousioura, O. ; Triantaphyllou, M. ; Vandarakis, D. ; Marion de Procé, S. ; Chondraki, V. ; Fouache, E. ; Kapsimalis, V. 1.0
92014Geomorphological evolution and paleoenveronment reconstruction in the northeastern part of lemnos Island (North Aegean Sea)Sidiropoulou, M. ; Fouache, E. ; Pavlopoulos, K. ; Triantaphyllou, M. ; Vouvalidis, K. ; Syrides, G. ; Greco, E. 1.0
102016Geomorphological processes and sea level changesin Wadi Matar, Farasan Island, Red Sea, Saudi ArabiaEric Fouache ; Kosmas Pavlopoulos 
112012The Holocene evolution of the Kalamas delta (northwestern Greece) derived from geophysical and sedimentological surveyFouache, Eric ; Chabrol, Antoine ; Apostolopoulos, Georges ; Kosmas Pavlopoulos ; Le Cœur, Charles 0.0
12Sep-2016Holocene lithostratigraphy and its implementation in the geoarchaeological research of the Athenian Basin, GreeceVandarakis, D. ; Pavlopoulos, K. ; Vouvalidis, K. ; Fouache, E. 0.0
132020Holocene relative sea-level variations and archeological implications, Abu Dhabi western region, United Arab EmiratesKosmas Pavlopoulos ; Eric Fouache ; Damien, Arhan ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.deleted.icon0.0
142016Human occupation and relative sea level changes along the Western Abu Dhabi coastline, UAEEric Fouache 
152012The impact of rapid early- to mid-Holocene palaeoenvironmental changes on Neolithic settlement at Nea Nikomideia, Thessaloniki Plain, GreeceHamidi, Fatiha ; Eric Fouache ; Delanghe-Sabatier, Doriane ; Ghilardi, Matthieu ; Cordier, Stéphane ; Psomiadis, David ; Paraschou, Theodoros ; Dotsika, Elissavet ; Demory, François 30.0
162018Influence des centuriations romaines sur les dynamiques hydriques et éoliennes en Tunisie centre-orientaleFouache, Eric 
172013Jabal al-'Aluya: An inland Neolithic settlement of the late fifth millennium BC in the Ādam area, Sultanate of OmanBeuzen-Waller, T. ; Lemee, M. ; Giraud, J. ; Eric Fouache ; Gernez, G. 8.0
18Mar-2015La crise d'aridité climatique de la fin du 3ème millénaire av. J.-C., à la lumière des contextes géomorphologique de 3 sites d'Iran Oriental (Bam, Tepe Damghani, Jiroft)Fouache, E. ; Francfort, H.-P. ; Cosandey, C. ; Adle, C. 0.0
192012The Late Holocene evolution of the Black Sea – a critical view on the so-called Phanagorian regressionPorotov, Alexey ; Kelterbaum, Daniel ; Eric Fouache ; Brückner, Helmut ; Dikarev, Vassily ; Lericolais, Gilles 22.0