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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Scopus
12018Control of the Speed of a Light-Induced Spin Transition through Mesoscale Core-Shell ArchitectureAhmed Slimani ; Felts, A.C. ; Talham, D.R. ; Abboud, K.A. ; Cain, J.M. ; Ahir, A.R. ; Andrus, M.J. ; Boukheddaden, K. ; Meisel, M.W. 18.0
22019Effects of high-spin-low-spin lattice misfit on the nucleation and propagation velocities of elastic interfaces in cooperative spin-crossover solidsAhmed Slimani 2.0
3Mar-2019Electro-elastic modeling of thermal and mechanical properties of a spin crossover core/shell nanoparticleAhmed Slimani ; Maalej, Ahmed ; Boukheddaden, Kamel ; Affes, Karim 3.0
421-Nov-2018An electro-elastic theory for the mechanically-assisted photo-induced spin transition in core-shell spin-crossover nanoparticlesAhmed Slimani ; Boukheddaden, Kamel 3.0
52019Enhancement of dielectric, piezoelectric, ferroelectric, and electrocaloric properties in slightly doped (Na0.5Bi0.5)0.94Ba0.06TiO3 ceramic by samariumSeveyrat, Laurence ; Khemakhem, Hamadi ; Turki, Olfa ; Ahmed Slimani ; Lebrun, Laurent ; Sassi, Zina 1.0
62018Interplay between a crystal's shape and spatiotemporal dynamics in a spin transition materialAhmed Slimani ; Fourati, H. ; Milin, E. ; Triki, S. ; Abid, Y. ; Chastanet, G. ; Boukheddaden, K. 11.0
72020Magneto-elastic properties of a spin crossover membrane deposited on a deformable substrateAhmed Slimani ; Maalej, A ; Singh, Y 0.0