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Title: Evolution and transformation of early modern cosmological knowledge: a network study
Authors: Alejandro Tejedor 
Issue Date: 2020
Source: Scientific Reports, vol 10, 2020, 15p
Journal: Scientific Reports 
Abstract: We investigated the evolution and transformation of scientifc knowledge in the early modern period, analyzing more than 350 diferent editions of textbooks used for teaching astronomy in European universities from the late ffteenth century to mid-seventeenth century. These historical sources constitute the Sphaera Corpus. By examining diferent semantic relations among individual parts of each edition on record, we built a multiplex network consisting of six layers, as well as the aggregated network built from the superposition of all the layers. The network analysis reveals the emergence of fve diferent communities. The contribution of each layer in shaping the communities and the properties of each community are studied. The most infuential books in the corpus are found by calculating the average age of all the out-going and in-coming links for each book. A small group of editions is identifed as a transmitter of knowledge as they bridge past knowledge to the future through a long temporal interval. Our analysis, moreover, identifes the most impactful editions. These books introduce new knowledge that is then adopted by almost all the books published afterwards until the end of the whole period of study. The historical research on the content of the identifed books, as an empirical test, fnally corroborates the results of all our analyses.
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-020-76916-3
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